Johannes has always felt a strong connection to subculture. Though he was born and raised in a small town in the Netherlands, he toured Europe extensively during the (90s?) as the lead singer of the band Spirit 84 and a guitarist for The Dead Scenestars. As an artist and performer active in the European hardcore scene, he was powerfully drawn to the world of body modification. Returning home to the Netherlands in 1999, Johannes apprenticed as a piercer and went on to establish his own studio, Skindeeplove, in neighboring Heerenveen. 

Skindeeplove thrived over the next seven years, as did Johannes’ interests in body art. Though he drew inspiration from the Dutch and European tattooers he was exposed to, particularly Rinto, a tattooer from Burgum, Johannes’ love of traditional style tattoos brought him to America. In 2006 he moved to San Diego, California to continue working as a piercer while pursuing his goal of becoming a professional tattooer. In 2007 he realized this goal and moved to Los Angeles, where he spent two years working the convention circuit and honing his skills in the art of tattooing.

In 2010, Johannes’ travels brought him to his new home on the East Coast, where he can be found working alongside the brilliant artists at Boston’s world-class Good Faith Tattoo. Melding traditional Dutch influences with classic Americana tattooing, Johannes adds a unique voice to the Western Traditional style that characterizes his work, and prides himself on making tattoos that “look like tattoos.” In his free time, a term he uses loosely, he retains his affinity for the hardcore, punk, and metal scenes by going to shows, and can be found painting and releasing flash sets and books, traveling, and working the tattoo conventions with his good friend and equally amazing tattooer, Mr. Caz Williamson of Seven Seas in San Diego.